Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mushroom Thoran


Sliced Mushroom ~ 2 cups
Onions ~ 1 No ( Medium size )
Grated coconut ~ 1/3 cup
Chopped Garlic ~ 1 tbsp
Turmeric powder ~ 1/4 tsp
Red chilly powder ~ 1/4 tsp
Garam Masala ~ 1/4 tsp
Cumin seeds ~ 2 pinch
Green chillies ~ 3-4 Nos
Shallots ~ 3-4 Nos
Curry leaves
Urad Dal ( Uzhunnu ) ~ 1tbsp
Dry red chillies ~ 2-3 Nos


  • First chop onion and mushrooms. Then grind coarsely grated coconut ,green chillies, cumin seeds, turmeric powder, red chilly powder, garam masala, shallots and chopped garlic by adding very little water.
  • Then heat oil in pan and add mustard seeds. When the mustard seeds crackles, add dry red chillies followed by curry leaves and urad dal.When urad dal turns light brown in color, add chopped onions and saute till it becomes translucent.
    • Then add the ground coconut mixture along with enough salt and fry it in low flame till all the water in it evaporates. But do make sure not to burn the coconut.Then add chopped mushrooms and cook covered for 5 minutes. Note: No need to add water.
    • After 5 minutes, cook uncovered till all the water evaporates and then remove from the flame. ( Note : When we cook mushrooms, it will give off its juices. So that's why we need to cook till all the juices get evaporated and till the mushrooms become tender.)

    Note: I bought sliced mushrooms from the grocery shop and it was already cleaned. But if your mushrooms are dirty then obviously you have to clean it. But do make sure not to wash the mushrooms but just wipe it with a damp paper towel because when we wash mushrooms, it might take in lots of water. I got this tip from Sherin and I found it very helpful so thought of sharing with you all. Thanks a lot Sherin. :)

    Enjoy Mushroom Thoran with Rice.



    Unknown said...

    Hey Jisha,

    Looks real yummy...Pass me the plate please!!:)



    BeenaShylesh said...

    i neaver tasted this....looks delisious.there is an award waiting for u in my blog

    Suja Manoj said...

    Hi Jisha..delicious thoran,never tried this yet..will surely give this a try.

    Rachana said...

    Mushroom thoran looks so delicious. Lovely clicks!

    Jaisy James said...

    wow looks superbb never tried thoran with mushroom. pls collect ur award from ur blog

    JishasKitchen said...

    hey thanks sameena, beena, suja, rachana & Jaisy..

    Sarah Naveen said...

    love this..yummy!!

    JishasKitchen said...

    suja & jaisy..u guys should try mushroom thoran..u r gonna love it..

    Malar Gandhi said...

    Wow...superb...I thought it was mutton at first glance'...perfect mushroom recipe:)

    Sherin said...

    Hi Jisha..
    Nice recipe of the mushroom, although 1 suggestion i would like to make if you don't mind :) It's always said never wash mushroom coz it sucks up too much water & should only wipe w/damp paper towel or so. Thanks a lot for the wonderful recipe..

    JishasKitchen said...

    @ Sherin - First of all nice to hear from you. I am really happy to know that you loved this recipe...:)...and the tip you gave me is so helpful..next time whenever I make any mushroom dish, I will do like that...and also I will publish that in my post too, so that it will be helpful to others also...thanks a lot Sherin..I would love to hear more suggestions and tips...:)

    Anjana said...

    Thanks Jisha, it came out really good.

    JishasKitchen said...

    @ Anjana.....so glad to hear that dear...thank you so much...:)..

    Pavithra said...

    I'm loving this Thoran.
    Great blog , great pics & amazing recipes. Thanks!

    JishasKitchen said...

    Thanks a lot Pavithra,,,happy to know that you loved it...:)

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